And suddenly, it hit me…

For several months now, I have thought to myself, “Self – you should start a blog. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

But what should I blog about?

If you know me, you know that I like to dabble in a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I sew. I cook/bake/make jam. I travel when I can. I am musically inclined. There were so many options it became overwhelming. And so, I kept sitting on the big blog egg, waiting for just the right idea to wiggle and start to hatch.

And then, today, all of a sudden, it hit me.

This morning, my sister, some friends  and I went rental hunting. It was early and we’d all had a late night the evening before, so after our first viewing, we stopped by a bagel shop for a bite and some coffee. After refueling and laughing entirely too loud for a tiny shop at 11:30 in the morning, we cleaned up the table and went outside. While one of our friends made a restroom stop, us gals stood outside and admired some of the books in the window of the second hand book shop next door. After oohing and ahh-ing the teasers on that shelf behind the glass we decided, ‘what the heck – let’s pop on in’.

Again, if you know me, you are aware that I enjoy a good book. I have never been one to shy away from the written word, nor a mom and pop shop, so finding the two so delightfully married was like walking into a little corner of heaven. But I digress…or do I?

Upon entering the shop, I noticed several titles I have already collected including Three Cups of Tea, Reading Lolita in Tehran, and several I haven’t, including a mint copy of #60 Nancy Drew that made me salivate as though my lox bagel of 20 minutes before had never happened. And then my eye caught an interesting cover with a mango riddled with bulletholes.

“Hey, look at this guys – a hole-y mango.” I know, I know. Cheesy.

I wandered through the shop some more and eventually landed over in the mystery section  where I noticed another book that included mango in the title. I had a quick giggle and moved on.

Finally, wrapped up in the travel section, I discovered the memoir (memoirs being my favorite of non-fiction genres) Naked in Dangerous Places by Cash Peters, which sounded delightfully risque to be carrying around. Tucked up next to this book I was surprised to find, yet again, another mango book – The Embarrassment of Mangoes. I called out to my entourage that this was officially becoming a little ridiculous – how many books could there be with mango in the title?

And suddenly, it hit me.

Why wonder about it when I could find out?

We left the store, me without books in hand but with an idea blossoming at the speed of sound.

Just how many books ARE there with mango in the title? If I can stroll into a bookshop and find 3 in a matter of minutes, there must be more. Here’s a nerdy but interesting idea – why not blog about this new discovery???

We headed over to the library to use the internet to look up more rental properties and after our search, I asked to use the last 2 minutes of our session to settle my question and see if this new idea was worth a shot. I typed mango into the library catalog title search. I clicked enter. I waited.

There were 36 entries.


Now – some titles repeated and some did NOT in fact have mango in the title. And some were in languages I just don’t speak, so sorry authors unknown, someone else who shares your native tongue will have to develop this strange interest in reading mango books. I did a quick amazon search and found a few more titles. All in all, I left the library with 24 titles.

So that brings us to where we are. You, traveler of the internet, here either by intent because you know me or enjoy reading, or by some happy accident (I’m sorry if you were looking for a recipe for mango chutney, but I’m sure glad you came and have read this far!). I, your *clearly* nerdy host, ready to take you on a tasty literary journey. In time, this blog may expand and investigate all manner of deliciously named works of fiction and non.

But for now, we begin with mango.


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