I read today!

Go me!

While I let my students work on an independent project, I took the opportunity to read 2 chapters of TBM. See folks, I am sticking to it!

And I would like to know this…..Nina Halligan, what the HECK are you REALLY doing in this country? Other than emulating “hood speak” then dissing Ebonics (ps, did anyone else know that the justification for this course was to teach proper English??? i need to read the report….where did I find this out? In this book. IN THIS BOOK. good grief….), debate whether to get it on with the hot guy (who keeps running off to secret meetings) or go ahead and get your revenge, or give attitude to the local police who don’t give a darn who you are and who have a gun practically up your nose?

I’m also pretty convinced at this point that this book may be some seriously dark attempt at discussing “blackness” with the reader. I wish I had taken better notes while reading. Must buy sticky notes…

to be continued……


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