Holy Smokes…. I mean, Mango!

Hello readers,

So, just when I thought this book was never going to stop going in the same dry direction, the author threw a loop at me. And so I say,

Holy Mango!

So, when I last left you, Nina had been nearly assaulted outside of her hotel (which I didn’t realize at first…probably because I think I’m having a hard time remaining focused on this novel…) and the proprietor – Esperanza – stepped out and saved her life. Later that evening, Nina and Anna (her female-favoring art dealing best friend) watch Esperanza perform at the hotel and Nina gets a phone call asking her to come to another night spot to get more information on the crime(s) she is there in Misericordia to unravel.

Nina goes to this hotel and is nearly shot in the bathroom by an assassin sent from her family’s killer. After she kicks the crap out of him and emerges victorious, albeit exhausted, a bomb goes off in a building across the street. Mere moments after she sees Luc and a woman she thinks is her sister in law (who was how she got involved in all this nonsense in the first place) getting into a car together. So now, Nina is EXTRA pissed.

Flash forward to bidding adieu to Anna and Esperanza who are going to “look at art” (you guessed it, they’re hot for each other), Nina goes to investigate details on a company that is the primary reason the States are involved in this miserable country and runs into the gal who Luc was smooching in the magazine. Nina learns that this gal and Luc will likely marry to form a political union, which is very difficult for Luc according to the girl…whose name is La Bomba…hehe. Nina is furious and La Bomba insists Nina has to understand the sensitivity of the situation.

That afternoon Luc is murdered on LIVE television. I KID YOU NOT! By his own father! And do you want to know WHY he gets an entire clip put into his skull???? Because he tried to have his father assassinated! For the good of the country! I TOTALLY understand now why Misericordia was chosen to be the name of this fictional country (see details of the meaning of the word here) This place is MESSED UP. I can’t even imagine…sitting at the bar wondering where your friend is (who, by the way, was kidnapped by the very man Nina came down to exact her revenge upon) and having whatever afternoon popular television interrupted by such a violent image. Now the country is in uproar and Nina is headed straight for Peltrano (who murdered her family) and Anna, whose captivity was confirmed at the foot of the steps of General Malmundo’s (Luc’s father) residence, when Peltrano blew the General away as well!

One chapter to go…Needless to say I have NO trouble focusing now. I’m just a little disappointed that all this action is happening in the LAST TWO chapters. Good way to throw a wrench in it though, Mr. Kelley – I had almost forgotten Nina has a knack for having violence follow her and nip off loved ones. And right there in the end, you sucked the last of the life right out of her.

If I were Nina, honestly, I would sit at home, in my room, and not bother anyone. Fewer people would die. But I’m not Nina and I suppose that would make for a much less interesting story.

Just a few pages to go…


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