A taste of what’s to come….

This week, I am without a vehicle to drive myself to work. So, my sister has been ever so kindly dropping me off at my summer job. This morning, no one was there to open the building at 8:30, so I had a few minutes (15 to be exact, in weather that had me looking to the sky every few seconds begging it not to downpour as it had been when I woke up) to spare. Luckily, I was carrying around my second mango novel.

I still had a few thoughts to jot down about TBM, and – as other people started to show up – I thought I might have to have a conversation with someone, so I was tentative about getting right into the meat of it. So I decided to skim the table of contents. And as I looked at the title of chapter one and beneath that, Chesapeake Bay Crabcakes, I immediately turned to page 30 to see what that was all about.

And my heart – much like the Grinch – grew 10 sizes.


Can’t wait to get started!

Stay tuned for the final segment on TBM.


2 responses

  1. That’s exciting about the recipes. Speaking of mango just made mango salsa and it was so good I had to do a salsa dance ha ha. I’m glad to see you have been able to keep up with your blog and I’m excited to read more about these… delicious books.

    • Thanks Jackie! I’m gonna have to get that recipe for the mango salsa from you. I’ve got a ton of mangoes in my fridge and I need to use them! I’m thinking mango muffins….

      Maybe we can share some of our recipe experiences together after I post them!

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