International Book Week!

Courtesy of Busboys n Poets, I found out that this is International Book Week! Busboys asked its followers to pick up the book nearest them, turn to page 52, and then post the 5th sentence. From my next read, this was what I found:


“Although they’re few, he has his detractors – nobody’s going to call the weather right 100 percent of the time – but we’ve had too many experienced cruisers tell us how he saved their bacon for us to ignore his advice.”


Just a taste of the next mango. I admit, I’ve been holding off because I really wanted to fix a tasty dish to close off TBM. But its time to read on, my sweets. I’ll try and get that made this week.

In the meantime: will you, dear readers, take the Busboys challenge and post the nearest page 52 5th sentence here at peel & read??? I look forward to seeing what words are floating out there in your world. 🙂


peel on…


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