A Mango in the Hand…

Today was deliciously mango-fied!

This morning as I stood in the halls for morning duty, watching students trickle to breakfast or their classrooms, my dear friend A approached me with a little gift. You see, she’d been in the library and had found a book just for me – a mango book!

You have to blog about it!“, she told me. And blog about it I shall!

I love A for a lot of reasons, but I have to give her extra kudos for giving me this little gift today. It feels really good that I have a amassed a small following and that someone went out of their way to contribute to my little project. If anyone else reading cares to make a request, I am happy to take it. I’m sure there are other mango books out there that I cannot find on my own. So I offer this challenge – find me a mango and I’ll peel it. I do love a good book, and I’m happy to tuck in with a fellow reader’s find.

For now, I am curled under a big blanket on the sofa, cracking the spine as I twist off the cap from this delightful treat courtesy of the best sister ever:

That’s right, folks. Mango Pepsi. Paradise Mango Pepsi. And it is SO GOOD!!! Awhile back I invited friends to a shindig to celebrate all the tasty mint I had grown on my balcony. Summer….mint….yes, you guessed it, we had mojitos. Mojito Madness – “bring a mixer, a fruit, whatever, we’ll see if it makes a good mojito”. A good friend of mine who was bartending at the time brought a bottle of mango syrup and happened to leave it in our fridge. Being the curious little monkey that I am, I decided to throw a little mango here and there and see what happened. Well, what happened was a can of coke and some mango syrup. Sorry, Coca-Cola, looks like Pepsi beat you to what in my humble opinion (IMHO), is the tastiest darn thing since vanilla ice cream. A million flavors and no mango? Crying shame…

But enough talk. More mango sips and mango lit.


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