All I want for Christmas is a Mango Treat

I love the holidays – Christmas trees, carols, snow (or at least dreams of it, because we certainly haven’t been getting any), family traditions on Christmas morning. I could go on for ages.

One thing I’m particularly fond of is Secret Santa. Every year the social committee at my school hosts a secret Santa and every year I do it because I a) love gift giving and b) love wondering just who figured out that this scented candle was exactly what I would like. Every year I’ve had good Santas, but I have to really give it to my Santa this year.

Here’s how it works: if you’re participating, you answer a series of questions about your favorite things – favorite drink, favorite type of music…and this year’s twist, what kind of cupcake would you be. That question was most helpful for me as a Santa, as CakeLove had both flavors I needed to make a sweet ending for the week.

My Santa, I could tell right away, KNEW me. Seriously folks, one of my gifts? A BAG OF FRESH MANGOS. I could not have been more excited! The best gifts of course come at the end of the week…and it was then that I learned my birthday buddy J (we share the same bday) was my Santa. My last gift? A themed gift, “A day with a book” – awesome fuzzy polka dot blanket, a loaner book, kettle corn, and orange-mango soda. Needless to say, next day I have free, I’m making the most of possibly the best secret Santa finale EVER.


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