A Mango in the Hand…

Today was deliciously mango-fied!

This morning as I stood in the halls for morning duty, watching students trickle to breakfast or their classrooms, my dear friend A approached me with a little gift. You see, she’d been in the library and had found a book just for me – a mango book!

You have to blog about it!“, she told me. And blog about it I shall!

I love A for a lot of reasons, but I have to give her extra kudos for giving me this little gift today. It feels really good that I have a amassed a small following and that someone went out of their way to contribute to my little project. If anyone else reading cares to make a request, I am happy to take it. I’m sure there are other mango books out there that I cannot find on my own. So I offer this challenge – find me a mango and I’ll peel it. I do love a good book, and I’m happy to tuck in with a fellow reader’s find.

For now, I am curled under a big blanket on the sofa, cracking the spine as I twist off the cap from this delightful treat courtesy of the best sister ever:

That’s right, folks. Mango Pepsi. Paradise Mango Pepsi. And it is SO GOOD!!! Awhile back I invited friends to a shindig to celebrate all the tasty mint I had grown on my balcony. Summer….mint….yes, you guessed it, we had mojitos. Mojito Madness – “bring a mixer, a fruit, whatever, we’ll see if it makes a good mojito”. A good friend of mine who was bartending at the time brought a bottle of mango syrup and happened to leave it in our fridge. Being the curious little monkey that I am, I decided to throw a little mango here and there and see what happened. Well, what happened was a can of coke and some mango syrup. Sorry, Coca-Cola, looks like Pepsi beat you to what in my humble opinion (IMHO), is the tastiest darn thing since vanilla ice cream. A million flavors and no mango? Crying shame…

But enough talk. More mango sips and mango lit.


A taste of what’s to come….

This week, I am without a vehicle to drive myself to work. So, my sister has been ever so kindly dropping me off at my summer job. This morning, no one was there to open the building at 8:30, so I had a few minutes (15 to be exact, in weather that had me looking to the sky every few seconds begging it not to downpour as it had been when I woke up) to spare. Luckily, I was carrying around my second mango novel.

I still had a few thoughts to jot down about TBM, and – as other people started to show up – I thought I might have to have a conversation with someone, so I was tentative about getting right into the meat of it. So I decided to skim the table of contents. And as I looked at the title of chapter one and beneath that, Chesapeake Bay Crabcakes, I immediately turned to page 30 to see what that was all about.

And my heart – much like the Grinch – grew 10 sizes.


Can’t wait to get started!

Stay tuned for the final segment on TBM.

The Big Mango

So, one must blog more than one time in order to actually have a blog. This isn’t some college assignment – “start a blog for 10 points.” This is the real deal. That said, sorry for my delay.

Tuesday afternoon, after an unfortunate fender bender and sweating till I thought there was no more sweat to be sweated in the 100 degree heat (YUCK) and a doctor’s appointment, I returned to the lovely little book store where my idea was born to retrieve my mango literature. After a moment or two of trying to remember where everything came from, I arrived at the counter with all 3 fruity titles currently in stock, the Naked book, and a devious delight for K that was all about how to become a villain (I don’t know who comes up with these things…lol).

But, you say, why not just go to the library?

I could do that – in fact I will do that. But I wanted to honor this project by purchasing the first 3 that were the inspiration. And I love supporting local business, so this was $28 well spent.

Moving on…to….



This is the “holy mango” book I had mentioned before. A glance at the back and we learn that this is part of a series about Nina Halligan, an African American private eye who is headstrong and street savvy but sophisticated. She also has a knack for finding corruption, as well as pulling those she cares about into dangerous situations. In this particular adventure, Nina has been hired by Father Pierre-Pierre Bernard, the latest in popular-but-not-so-well-equipped leaders of the tropical island-nation Misericordia whose history is riddled with violence and many a terror of a dictator. Father Bernard has convinced her to travel to Washington to help him regain his government. But when Nina’s friend’s husband – a presidential administration insider – has been murdered, she travels to le Mis to find the killer.

First Impressions

OK, so it’s a political mystery novel. That’s pretty exciting. I’m a little nervous because depending on the strength of the writer, the storyline could thus go one of two ways, in my opinion:

* Thrilling storyline with relevant historical and political information that helps to drive the action.

* A textbook. With some action.

The author’s first novel in the series, “Black Heat” received some pretty nice reviews from the Washington Post and New York Press, which is promising. NYP describes Nina in BH as “ass-kicking”. Anything getting a review that uses the words “ass-kicking”, which is a pretty strong description, deserves, I think, a go. Even its little sister sequel.

Mysteries are my favorite fiction genre, so I’m looking forward to seeing what this novel has to offer.

stay tuned…